Village Craftspeople, Artisans & Merchants are listed by the pathway on which their booth is located in the village. You can either search for a specific vendor by using Ctrl-F, scroll down the list looking for a particular merchant, or jump to each pathway using these shortcuts:



 Renaissance Festival Food

Valley Meade
Hot Apple Dumplings Fish 'n' Chips
Croissant Sundaes Canterbury Pork Pockets
Fresh Coffee/Cinnamon Rolls Chicken Dippers
Crab Cake Sandwiches Knave Sandwich
Bagels with Cream Cheese Fresh Seafood (Oysters, Shrimp, Mussels) Steak on a Stake Homemade Crab Dip


White Stag
Peasant Bread / Fried Cheese Sausage on a Stick/ Baklava, Fried Yam Sticks or Mushrooms
Herbal Tea / Coffee/Cappuccino Italian Ices / Fruit Smoothy / Meatball Wrap / 5 Cheese Pie
Meat or Spinach Pies / Gyros / Red Beans & Rice Peach or Blackberry Cobbler / Cheesecake /Dirt Cake
Chili Poppers / Ribbon Fries /Pork Chop / Soup In a Bowl Corn on the Cob / Beef & Cheese Sticks
 Cheese Bread / Italian Foccacia Sandwich / Meatpie on a Stick  Mac & Cheese on a Stick / Scotch Egg / Fried Ice Cream
Cookies and Milk / Fried Pickles/ Empanada / Falafe Quesadilas / Yakitori Chicken / Mashed Potatoes
 Orange Jules, Lemon Slush, Funnel Cake  Shepherds Pie / Fried Green Beans


King's Field
Friar's Fritters Chicken Nuggets / Hot Potato Chips
Fruit and Ice Cream Sandwich Wraps
Barbecued Ribs / Chicken Sandwich Fajitas


Kenwood Lane
Soup in a Bread Bowl Pulled Chicken Sandwich
Stuffed Spuds Belgium Waffles
Smoked Turkey Legs Pasta Palace


Meadow Lane
Venetian Delight Beef Stroganoff
Crusader's Bull Corned Beef / Reuben Sandwiches
Root Beer Floats  


Mary's Dale Way
Chicken on a Lance Steak on a Stake
Chicken Club Sandwich Smoked Turkey Legs
Potato Wedges Knave Sandwich
Grilled Steak Sandwich King's Dogs
Caramel Apple Pieces Curly Fries / Onion Rings


 2013 Artisans             

Queen's Path
 replicaprints Allen Bjorkman - Allen Ye Printmaker
Virginia Virkus - Pottery
Steven Guinn - Sandcasting
W. Gerry Grant - Wood Furniture
The Sandscrafter
Larry Sands - Leather Goods
Ron & Fa Peckham - Jewelry
Margaret Barry / Donovan Dahle / Mark Goldfarb - Buffalo Moccasin
Gypsy Silks
Molly & Michael Knoll - Wax Hands/Silk Scarves
Adams Glass
Sherman Adams, Sr. & Jr. - Ornamental & Blown Glass

 Echo and Wild

Jeanne Gibbons - Jewelry
Shore Fire Pottery
Dan & Rhonda Heinecke - Pottery and knives
Steven Archote - Wooden Swords
Henna Tattoo
Julie Lockland - Henna Tattoo
Gypsy Wagon
Zenobia - Tarot Reader
Foster Holcombe & Theda Hansen - Blown Glass
Somewear Beyond Coin Mint
The Heinen Family - Coin Mint Press
Shane & Leah Odom - Bubblewands
Costume Rentals & Accessory Sales
Angel Craft
Kathy Kasprzak - Costuming
Bill & Debi Jezzard - Bronze Sculpture/Jewelry
Debra Hathaway & Eric Heath - Hair Ornaments, Jewelry & Marionettes
Debby & John Sosnowsky - Jewelry
Margaret Fischer - Woven Wool Garments
Robert Matteson - Fantasy Prints
Rats, Bats & Vultures
Roger Swezey - Natural Sculpture
Cantieri & Broderick - Tankards
Milon Townsend - Glasswork
Paul S. Kilgore - Walking Sticks
Pewter Sculpture
Dale Woodman - Pewter Sculpture & Jewelry


Valley Meade
Ann Curtis - Face Castings
Southern Exposure
Ron Cordell - Jewelry
Leather & Suede Clothing
Lena Dun - Clothing & Toys
Hope's Journals
Hope Shakya - Hand-bound Journals
Enchanted Images
Richard Tacker - Portraits in Costume
David Eisner - Musical instruments from around the world
Rosies Posies East
Betty Farrell - Flower Garlands
Janelle Olmstead - Pockets, Purses, Totes and more
Hal & Helen Kuhns
Wooden Swords & Furniture
Q Heart II
Aline Doeller - Clothing, Hats
Faces of the Soul
Ida Fuell - Mixed Media/Cerami


Stub Toe Lane
Bill & Virginia Watson - Leather clothing & accessories
Kathy Martinez/Mark Hyman - Garden Wares
The China Shop
Stephen Bennett - Pottery
Rick Rosensteel - Custom Engraved Crystal and Stone
Tessem Stoneware
Terence F. Tessem - Pottery
K Boyland Designs Kathy Boyland - Impressions in Clay
The Tarot Guild
Lady Ayeisha & Trivia Prager - Tarot Readings
Master of Cups
Bill Fisk & JoAnn Fisher - Goblet & Mugs
Jeanné Berger - Massage Therapy/Oils/Stones
Joseph Victor - Wood Drinking Vessels
Jennifer Tiger Torre - Leather Masks, codpieces, mug straps & more
Arcane Art
Patrick Parker - Marquetry
Lori Titus - Honey and Beeswax products
Pamela Chevalier - Bronze, Copper and Glass Sculpture
English Imports & Souvenirs
Unique Handmade Crafts imported from Great Britia


White Stag Grove
Rob & Elizabeth Piland - Original Gold & Silver Designs
Arik Helman - Footwear
Argenti Tapestries
Albert Thomann - Tapestries
Thunderhold Forge
Rorik Rorikson - Blacksmith
Pam & Gary Taylor - Clothing
Janet McCabe - Books of the Renaissance
Leslie Harris - Costumes & Accessories
Patricia Lindquist - Beadwork
Phillip & Jeannie Ensmenger - Crystal & Glassware
Angela & Kevin McCollister - Clothing

        K. Dopita Studio

Kathy Dopita - Metal Sculptures
The Other Cheek
Pamela Sabatiuk & Susan Gillig-Grube - Face Painting
Terri Koithan - Hammocks
Wood Butchery
Terry Boquist - Wood Sculpture
Leanin' Easy
Stanley Huey - Saw Pierced Metal
King of Swords
Michael Higgs - Swords, Hats, Fine Art

Mark Cooper - Woodworks


 John Peterson & Beth Rosemarie - Twisty Wood  Sculptured Furniture




Kenwood Lane
Wilson Meloy - Woodwork
Chameleon Metal
Wolfgang Lichter - Jewelry

Mid Summer Knights Dream

Robert Walker - Puppets

Body Parts
Bruce H. Porter - Face Painting
Albert & Nelle Thomann - Jewelry
Linda Demian Granados - Pillows, Quilts, & Hangings
Pam & Gary Taylor - Bota Bags
Herbalist Delight
Thom Edwards - Herbs
Patrick Wise - Fantasy Figures
Perchance to Dream
Patti Chung - Quilts

David Spurlock - Jewelry & Sculptures

Melissa Smith-Smith- Leather Work


Meadow Lane
Teri Evans - Clothing
Marty Bobroskie - Jewelry
Ingrid Wendt - Moccasins
Larry Wood - Leather Masks
Steven Archote - Wooden Swords
Bill & Virginia Watson - Kilts & Highland Wear for Men & Women
Rani Vecera
Henna Tattoos


King's Field
Kate Jones - Ye Olde Gamery
Dave & Sherry Hansen - Celtic Jewelry
Shane & Leah Odom - Masks
Uncommon Adornment
Rhonni & Susangrace DuBose- Hairbraiding
Rene Dechert - Wood Swords, Shields
Nancy Barry - Stained Glass and Candles
Kate Cox - Chainmail
Jon Angel - Armour, swords, and other sharp thing

Mary's Dale Way
Brooke Barboza
Brooke Barboza - Fine Hand Crafted Art Jewelry
Blessed Scents
BF Booher - Soaps, Lotions, & Potpourri
The Ken Show
Jeff Carns & Meg Cefail's Museum of unNatural History
R. Wayt Smith - Original Artwork, Custom Portraits, and Fantasy Art

Iron Antler Forge

Daniel Stuart - Innovative and Dynamic Metal Sculpture

Patricia Hetrick - Hats
Anna Snodgrass - Palmistry, Tarot, Runes and Lip Prints
High Point Crafts
Dennis & Jason MacDonald - Broom
designsbyfantasia Lyla Nicneven - Clothing
Gene Jaeger - Musical Instruments
Michelle White-Mobley - Wool & Leather Outerwear
Stephanni Scott - Original Watercolors
Michael Rose & Tom Crowl - Magic Shop
Russ Maxfield - Leather Goods
        My Lady's Gourds Nancy Worley - Decorative Gourd Art
Barbara Mikles - Clothing

Tiltyard Path
Kathleen Nelson- Hairsticks
Wheat Goddesses Cora Hendershot - Wheat Weaving
Impus Delecti - Knives, Swords, & Axes
William & Elizabeth Lloyd - Antler Knives, Daggers & Carvings
Temple Beautiful
Grant Speight & Denise Lamont - Mineral and Gem Sluice Mining
Bronze Age Studio
Kristin Thorson - Copper and Bronze Sculpture & Fountains
John Adams - face Painting


2013 Guest Artists

August 24 & 25

          Patricia & Thomas Turpish – Lyonesse and Antoine Birdsong –Faeries From The Swamp

August 31, September 1 & 2

          Michael Colella – Sleeping Beauties, LLC  and Antoine Birdsong –Faeries From The Swamp

September 7 & 8

          Karen Marion –Gryffin Designs and Jacob Hodsdon & Lisa Holt Hodsdon –  Woodwork 

September 14 & 15

          Patricia & Thomas Turpish – Lyonesse and Jacob Hodsdon & Lisa Holt Hodsdon –  Woodwork       September 21 & 22

         Steve Exley - Enchanted World Photograph and Beth Meister – Craftmeisters

September 28 & 29

          Steve Exley - Enchanted World Photograph  and Trese MacKay – rhagdolls

October 5 & 6

          Richard Bailey – Mystical Crystals and Trese MacKay – rhagdolls

October 12 & 13

          Bill MacRae – Copper Burning and Caitlin Cooke – Dry Bones Studios

October 20 & 21

          Bill MacRae – Copper Burning and Caitlin Cooke – Dry Bones Studios


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