This Year's Story Line

Revel Grove, Oxfordshire, England

The year is 1525.  King Henry VIII with his Queen, Katherine of Aragon and their royal court visit the village as part of their annual summer progress.

The King, Queen and courtiers arrive in the village of Revel Grove to meet distinguished foreign visitors.  These include the Imperial Ambassador Jehan Jonglet, Georg von Frundsberg, victor at the Battle of Pavia who captured France's King Francis, and a visit from the Queen's sister, Juana of Castile.  This is especially surprising since Juana has long been confined to rooms at the convent of Santa Clara in Castile.  The Queen assumes it is good news about the impending marriage of her daughter, Princess Mary, and Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor who is also Juana's son. Juana has been known as Juana the Mad.  She doesn't seem to be crazy, but angry.  And given her forced confinement, she has every reason to be!

Love, marriage, and children are on the minds of everyone in the court and village.  Mayor Francis Yaxley has made a surprising marriage to the young and beautiful Imogen Ickford.  They have been blessed with a baby boy.  Walter Yaxley has been knighted and promoted to Justice of he Peace in Oxfordshire.  He returns with his wife, now Lady Isobel, and news that they too have a new son.  It seems everyone has a new baby boy.  Except the King. And this greatly troubles him.

It is a year of heroic victories and personal defeat.  Of love, longing, and the passage of time.

However, for the hours spent in Revel Grove, even the King can shed his cares and enjoy feasting and frolic.  Huzzah!


The Maryland Renaissance Festival

 For more than thirty seven seasons the Maryland Renaissance Festival has provided a unique outdoor entertainment experience to patrons from all over the world.

“. . .we always enjoy ourselves and it’s worth flying 1500 miles!”
-Gareth J., Dorset, UK

The festival is more than a crafts show, more than an entertainment venue. For many people it has been a family tradition that now spans a generation. Patrons who visited the festival as a child now return to introduce their kids to the unforgettable world of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Enter the gates of Revel Grove and leave the hectic pace of the twenty-first century behind. Slow down. Leisurely stroll our beautiful wooded paths. Quaff an ale and relax in one of our pubs. Shop for unique, handcrafted gifts. Let the kids play in our free children’s area – complete with a beautiful pirate ship. You won’t find any video games here! No mind-numbing computer-generated special effects. The magic, pageantry, songs, and laughter are all real.

The Maryland Renaissance Festival. The magic is here. Don’t miss it!