On the link below you will discover the overall nine week schedule. Please note: this does NOT contain every performance you will see each weekend at the festival. To do that would require us to print the schedule in a 3 point font, making it impossible to read!  Please note: schedule subject to change without notice.

Coming soon, on this page we will post a week by week schedule containing only the entertainment for that specific weekend.    

Click here for the 2014 Entertainment Schedule!

Click here for September 20th & 21st stage schedule.

Click here for the September 13 & 14 stage show schedule 
Click here for the September 13th  list of stage shows interpreted in ASL by Sharava Interpreters.

Click here for the September 6 & 7 stage show schedule

Click here for the August 30, 31 & September 1st stage show schedule

Click here for the August 23rd & 24th stage show schedule



There is more entertainment in Revel Grove than you can possibly see in one day!  To help you plan your visit, the link above will give you the main overall schedule of stages for the entire run.

An important note: These schedules do not include every performance that you will encounter at Revel Grove.  Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.  For a complete daily listing of entertainments on the stages, pubs, and pathways, please visit our Customer Service Pavilion on your arrival to the festival.